Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inspiring Innovation

I want to start first with expressing gratitude to Rudy Leon who suggested the name for this blog during the LOEX 2008 Annual Conference. I had been considering starting a blog and was stymied by the challenge of coming up with a name that resonated with my vision of what I might be able to offer to the profession by posting various thoughts and reflections for everyone to see. Rudy's suggestion immediately made sense to me as I want to use this space to share what inspires me and what I humbly hope might inspire others. I claimed the name on BlogSpot that afternoon but it has taken longer than I might have liked to start writing in this space. To all who have encouraged me, thank you. To all who might read what I write and engage in future discussions, thank you. May it be interesting and inspiring for us all!

Best! Lisa

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